You may have noticed more traffic on the roadways recently. With cheaper fuel and summer/holiday vacations in full swing, people across the country are taking advantage of opportunities to have fun and enjoy special bonding moments with friends and family. Unfortunately, this focus on good times can come at a high cost. Law enforcement officials say thousand of people are injured and even killed each year on both highways and local roads. There are many reasons for these grim statistics. Rather than avoid road travel altogether, there are ways to protect your vehicle and property, and en

Recent weather events have brought flooding to areas of the country where residents there aren’t using to seeing flood damage. The fact is, even if you don’t live in a “flood plain,” it’s still a good idea to secure comprehensive flood insurance. Doing so will not only protect your property against potential threats, but it will also keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of a weather or other incident that causes a flood at your home. The trouble is, with so many options, it can be difficult to get to the bottom line on which insurance company offers the very best flood i

While some aspects of driving have changed through the years (including the advent of navigation devices, safer construction, and similar), everyday vigilance is still necessary to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. The fact remains that you just never can tell exactly what will happen on the roadways. Along with the constant threat of severe weather, the actions of other drivers could have negative effects on your own ability to keep your vehicle under control. This could be due to a careless or reckless driver, or even vehicle malfunction (either yours or on the part of another

Workplace accidents don’t just harm your employees – they can cripple your business, as well. Injuries may lead to higher job absences, which can cause lowered productivity or time spent on staffing instead of other crucial applications. Too many claims can flag safety issues and raise insurance rates with your provider, as well. Simply put, workplace accidents can be devastating across the board. But you can fight back! Take the following three steps to protect your employees and business from harm. Manage the Risk You cannot protect your employees from threats that you aren’t aw

Just like how everyone’s needs are not the same, not every insurance policy is exactly like others. After finding the perfect coverage to suit your lifestyle, it is just as important to avoid some common mistakes that may accidentally void your policy – even things like working from home! Keep your well-being and your insurance safe by staying away from these common accidents. Being Away from Home for Too Long Many insurance companies clarify very specific circumstances that need to occur if you leave the insured home for extended periods of time, such as for vacation or when staying

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