Accidents happen — they’re a part of life, and the very reason you insure yourself, your family, or your business for total peace of mind. Car accidents, in particular, can be a familiar yet frightening reality of the road. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make a potential car accident a little less stressful — starting with partnering with a trusted Florida auto insurance company, such as Demont Insurance Agency. Once you’re covered, just read on to see a few simple steps you can take after a car accident, should you ever find yourself in one. Safety First After an

This summer, countless people will be looking forward to resuming some of life’s most beloved social traditions — including gathering with friends and family at the local brewery! There’s something truly special about sharing a drink or delicious meal with the people you care about most, and “cheers”-ing to good health, fortune, and all the things that really matter. If you’re the operator of a craft brewery, you know more than most the importance of creating a safe, welcoming brewery environment for your guests and employees alike. Whether you are new to the craft brewery scene

Car crashes happen every day, ranging from the catastrophic wrecks that make headlines to harmless fender benders on the side of the road. Statistics show that a majority of car accidents are non-fatal, but they can still leave lasting consequences on your long-term health. The best way to stay protected is to remain informed of the most common ways that car accidents happen – and working with the right Florida auto insurance company doesn’t hurt, either. Continue reading to learn more Rear End Collisions As one of the most common kinds of car accidents, rear end collisions occur whe

Regardless of wind speed, every hurricane presents an immediate threat to the well-being of our communities. However, what may get lost in the preparation for severe weather is that it is just as important to remain safe after the storm as well. Even if your home is undamaged and your health is fine, hurricanes tend to have a domino effect that yields dangerous and unexpected situations. With our decades of experience as a top insurance company Florida, we’ve accumulated keen insight into how you can keep yourself and loved ones safe after any storm! Stay Away from Standing Water Two t

The Atlantic hurricane season takes place from June 1st to November 30th every year, and last year’s season shattered records for activity. With severe weather soon upon us, homeowner’s insurance is a necessary component of any policy. Continue reading to learn more about why we so strongly recommend reviewing your insurance coverage before we are struck by our first major storm. Above-Average Activity is Likely The activity of 2020’s hurricane season eclipsed the record set in 2005, when 28 named storms came from the Atlantic Ocean. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrat

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