Maintaining a business means spinning a lot of plates and micromanaging every aspect of day to day operations. Keeping track of every detail to the last cent is a tough job, and even then, accidents can happen, sending those plates crashing to the ground. For instance, you find out that your delivery truck has had an accident on its way to a delivery. You now face the daunting reality of investing your savings in a new vehicle. Savings that were meant to pay off your child’s tuition or take your spouse on the vacation you both have been dreaming of. Crushing, right? The very presence

If you have recently decided to purchase life insurance to protect your family or for other financial reasons, congratulate yourself. Buying life insurance is often one of the best financial decisions you can make. If you have not, or are still deciding, you are in the right place. If you don’t know by now, you will soon see there are many types of life insurance policies and life insurance can be used for a variety of reasons. No matter what your end goal, there is life insurance that helps you meet it. The two major types of life insurance are known as whole life insurance and term

Classic cars turn heads. Whether you are driving your own classic vehicle or admiring someone else’s, classic cars are a fun and thrilling part of a car enthusiast’s life. Some people drive their classic car every day, while others prefer to keep their vehicles safe in storage. No matter what your preferences are, classic cars need the best protection that an automobile insurance policy can offer. The definition of what a classic car is can vary. For most people, a classic car is a vehicle that reminds them of their younger selves, one that holds sentimental value. It might be the car

You’ve worked hard to build a home, provide for your family, and set some money aside for retirement. But, in an instant, everything you have accumulated could be in jeopardy. Accidents happen. And, if a major accident or an unfortunate event occurs, your automobile or homeowners’ policy may not be enough to protect your assets. Providing extra layers of financial protection can be accomplished in many different ways. Families can establish trusts and financial accounts reassigned. However, there is no more cost-effective or simpler way to protect your assets from large lawsuits than b

Congratulations on your new home. Buying a home is never something to enter lightly. There are many legal issues to consider, such as the real estate contract, insurance needs, and the mortgage contract. Here, we will focus mostly on the homeowner’s insurance policy and the exclusions for which you may or may not be familiar. While homeowner’s insurance is necessary, especially if you have a mortgage, and extremely helpful in helping you cover major issues as they occur with your home, there are exclusions. Some of the exclusions are expected. However, some are unexpected and can catch

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