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Workplace accidents don’t just harm your employees – they can cripple your business, as well. Injuries may lead to higher job absences, which can cause lowered productivity or time spent on staffing instead of other crucial applications. Too many claims can flag safety issues and raise insurance rates with your provider, as well. Simply put, workplace accidents can be devastating across the bo

Insurance coverage for tree work done on your property probably is not the first thing you think about when hiring someone to prune, remove, treat, or maintain your trees. But it is arguably the most important consideration. What happens if a tree or branch falls on a person or structure while the work is being done? The outcome depends on the types and level of insurance coverage held by the pers

Imagine having to list the items you have in your home and the amount they’re worth. Most of us would struggle to do this; we would forget important items and assign the wrong financial value to the things we hold dear. In case of an emergency, an accident, a fire, or other disaster, you want to make sure that your insurance will cover the loss of your home and belongings. One of the ways to

Taking out a homeowners’ insurance policy can be a simple process for many families. So simple, most homeowners don’t put much thought into the process. They know that home insurance is a necessity that they need to protect their property and personal belongings from damage or theft. But, what about those who live in areas that are prone to flooding? Will their basic home insurance policy cove

A good life insurance policy can provide us with peace of mind and your family with the financial assistance they will need later. Before taking out a life insurance policy, it’s important to understand the principal types of life insurance and how you can benefit from them. When it comes to purchasing life insurance policies, it’s important to understand the two types-  term and whole l

Umbrella insurance is a type of additional policy that is not mandatory, but it can be extremely useful when faced with a legal situation. It is extra liability insurance that can protect you from lawsuits involving injuries that occurred on your property, and various other situations where a claim may be filed against a homeowner. Umbrella insurance can help to protect your home and personal

After months of behind-the-scenes remodeling, Demont Insurance is thrilled to launch our newly designed website. The world is changing and it is essential to change and adapt to its pace for survival as well as growth. This redesigning project is not a spur-of-the-moment endeavor. In fact, it is a calculated and carefully planned effort to welcome modern designs and improve the user experience.

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