The Dangers of Going into Hurricane Season Unprepared

The Dangers of Going into Hurricane Season Unprepared

Hurricane season in Florida can be a stressful time. Being adequately prepared will help ease the stress and help you feel more confident that your home and belongings are ready. The best hurricane protection in Florida is doing what you can to prevent damage to your property.

Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricanes can have an impact on people who live inland as well as those who live on the coast. Planning ahead can help you weather the storm more effectively. Hurricane preparations should include:

  • Familiarizing yourself with evacuation routes
  • Gathering emergency supplies, including food and water
  • Collecting important documents and putting them in a safe place
  • Making plans for your pets in the event of an evacuation
  • Preparing your car(s)
  • Preparing your house
  • Having an emergency radio to hear instructions from authorities

Failure to plan ahead and act quickly may result in costly property damage, and more importantly, could even be personally harmful or fatal.

Common Dangers from Hurricanes

The strong wind and overwhelming amounts of water that accompany hurricanes impact homes in various ways. Certain kinds of damage are common in hurricanes.

Flying Debris

The strong hurricane winds can turn almost any object outside your home into a projectile capable of breaking through your glass windows and doors. Once the exterior of your home is breached, worse damage to the interior could be next.


Storm surges and prolonged rainfall can result in significant flooding. Lower levels of your home or building, along with your outdoor vegetation, could sustain damage because of floodwater.


It’s not uncommon for tornadoes to spin off from hurricanes as they move through. These super-strong, dangerous winds can uproot trees and create more windborne debris.

Hurricane Protection in Florida

While you can’t protect your home from some kinds of hurricane damage, there are things you can do to prevent other kinds.

One important thing to consider is the protection of your home with insurance. If you’re considering getting hurricane protection with insurance, it might be worth your money to get flood insurance as well.

Another option is to get automobile insurance that could protect your vehicle from damage from debris and leaking during a hurricane. Clearing your yard of objects that could easily become flying debris is another way to protect your home and your vehicle.

Investing some time and money before a major storm hit can help in big ways.

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