The Open Enrollment Countdown: Why a Florida Insurance Agency is Your Ally

The Open Enrollment Countdown: Why a Florida Insurance Agency is Your Ally

It’s the start of a new year, and we know folks are ready for a fresh beginning after the holidays. As kids go back to school, work gears up, and people are trying to get back into their fitness routines, there’s still that nagging little thing in the back of their minds - open enrollment.

We know that just thinking about reading through pages of insurance jargon is enough to give anyone a headache. Your eyes might start to glaze over trying to calculate differences in premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. What about that $10 vs $50 prescription difference? Then, you might have trouble trying to figure what doctors are “in-network” and how far you’d have to drive if someone gets sick. Who has time for all of this during this busy season?

That’s why this year, instead of running into a wall with your open enrollment confusion, consider calling the folks over at Demont Insurance Agency. Dealing with insurance year after year, we know the ins and outs of what plans offer the best coverage and value. Here’s a few ways we can help you as we head into the new year.

Making Sense of Insurance Confusion

We know that when first considering health insurance, you may feel a little lost. You might be stuck between keeping monthly premiums affordable while also wanting decent coverage in case of a medical emergency or if a high school athlete gets injured. And what about if someone gets diagnosed with something like arthritis - would their treatments even be covered? It’s easy for the mind to spin.

But when you start talking with one of our agents here at Demont Insurance, we listen and ask thoughtful questions to understand what coverage is important for each family. Since we deal with healthcare plans regularly, our team knows how to take unique situations into account.

Within the first thirty minutes of that initial conversation, we’ll clearly explain terminology you may have seen but never fully grasped. Things like deductibles, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums. We’ll show you why a lower monthly premium often means higher costs when you actually visit the doctor, how something like a Health Savings Account works, and more.

We make signing up simple and straight forward compared to tackling it alone. Of course health insurance is still complicated, but working with Demont can be night and day for individuals and families compared to figuring it out solo.

Getting Proactive for Peace-of-Mind

One smart thing we encourage is contacting Demont Insurance early in open enrollment rather than waiting until the last minute. Because so many people put it off (and then scramble to meet the end date), it can be really frustrating trying understand options when you’re up against a deadline.

Getting ahead of the game and talking to us early allows for thoroughly comparing different health plans together. We’ll carefully weigh pros and cons of each based your family’s coverage needs. Without pressure as the January 15th cutoff approaches, our clients often say they make informed, thoughtful decisions on 2024 insurance.

Having health coverage settled early lifts a big weight off shoulders. Instead of dreading this important choice, you can confidently move forward feeling like your family would be covered if surprises come up. It certainly makes January less stressful and lets you focus on more positive things.

Local Knowledge and Year-Round Support

Often Florida insurance plans have quirks based on state regulations and major regional healthcare networks. Working with Demont Insurance Agency means confidence you're making the best coverage choice for your area.

Beyond figuring out health insurance sign-ups, it’s great to partner with us because we help with other insurance needs, too. If a storm blows a tree down in the back yard, we can walk clients through the claim process with home insurance.

And as life changes come up - like when a kid heads off to college - our team explains options for adjusting coverage to keep premiums affordable. We aim to provide trustworthy advising through life’s twists and turns.

So at the start of 2024, while catching your breath and getting life back into a rhythm, consider letting the pros over at Demont Insurance Agency get health coverage settled with a plan fitting your family. No more confusing policy documents - that’s what an advisor is for! Maybe now those new year resolutions will actually stick. Don’t delay – contact our team today to get started.

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