Why Pool and Spa Contractors Require Unique Coverage

Why Pool and Spa Contractors Require Unique Coverage

Spas and pools are a hot item currently, with homeowners renovating their homes to enjoy their summers better. Contractors are working around the clock to see each project is completed smoothly and on time. 

Sadly, tight schedules can increase the risk of errors that can lead to an expensive claim or lawsuit. Here are a few reasons pool and spa contractors need unique coverage over and above the standard business insurance coverage.  

They’re Exposed to More Risks, as Their Work Covers Multiple Trades

Completing a pool project may involve plumbing, construction, and electrical works. The multiple trades required can make the pool and spa builders more vulnerable than other types of contractors. 

For example, the contractor could be held liable for any damage caused by flooding inside the premises if there is a leaky pipe due to poor workmanship. An electrical fault that causes injury or damage to property during the construction can lead to expensive claims. 

The contractor needs to reach out to a Florida insurance agency to receive a tailored policy that covers most if not all potential risks. The plan can include:

  • General contractors’ insurance
  • Workers’ compensation 
  • Liability coverage 
  • Pop up coverage
  • Product and completed operation coverage

Compare different policies from various insurers in Florida to find the one that best suits your business. 

They Have Lots of Equipment that Can Break or Be Stolen

Pools are often large projects that require expensive equipment to complete the project on time. Equipment breaks can be expensive, leading to loss of money and time. The same can be said if tools are stolen. Special equipment coverage can protect you from loss if the instruments are damaged or lost. 

If you lease equipment to help you complete your projects, it’s advisable to hold a lease equipment coverage. The policy can indemnify you if the equipment sustains damage, is lost, or is stolen. 

They’re Liable for Work Performed by Subcontractors

You are typically responsible for any substandard works conducted by subcontractors on your client’s property. Uninsured subcontractors will be part of your general liability policy, significantly adding to your costs. 

Unfortunately, most insurers place subcontractor exclusion clauses on their policies. The clauses limit the claims you can file resulting from the subcontractors’ actions. You may have to speak to an insurance broker in Florida to understand the exclusions for your policy. 

Find an Insurance Broker in Florida 

Pool and spa contractors are exposed to many unique risks, including the possibility of lawsuits or injuries on a job site. To protect your business against these exposures, you need business protection tailored for your industry. Comparison shopping can help you find an insurer that meets your specific needs. 

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