Are Your Powersports Vehicles Covered? Why You Need Coverage

There’s nothing like the feeling of taking a jet ski out on the waves, or a snowmobile through the mountains, or a dirt bike on a nature trail. But when you’re out enjoying your powersports vehicle, you don’t want to have the nagging thought in your mind that you aren’t covered in case of an accident. Maybe you don’t think you need insurance or that insurance doesn’t even cover such vehicles. You do, and it does.

Trust a Florida Insurance Agency

Living in Florida, you most likely enjoy warm climate motorsports and maybe take advantage of the amazing weather. But you may travel to the frozen north to enjoy such powersports vehicles as snowmobiles, as well. You need coverage to:

Protect Your Vehicle

Let’s say your ATV slams into the back of another ATV. Collision coverage can cover the repairs, not only for yourself but for the other ATV, as well. And if you have comprehensive coverage, you can get additional protection in case:
  • Natural disasters destroy or damage your ATV
  • Your ATV gets stolen or damaged during a riot
  • Animals attack your ATV
There are also policies aimed at covering specific vehicles, such as jet skis. Personal watercraft coverage, or PWC, can cover your watercraft in case of damage that could only happen to such a vehicle, such as hitting a dock. Snowmobile insurance is similar in that it covers snowmobile-specific damage and repair and     can even extend to the trailer used to tow the snowmobile.

Protect Others

Powersports vehicles are a blast but also dangerous. Having liability coverage keeps you covered in case of an accident. This coverage pays for the medical expenses of other people involved, who are covered under bodily injury. You need to have this coverage in case your actions lead to the injury of someone else, and you also need property damage coverage to ensure you can take care of the repairs to the other people’s property.Depending on the level of coverage you can get from a Florida insurance agency, you may be able to cover all of a victim’s medical bills and property damage, or you may only get partial coverage. The difference will have to come out of your pocket.

Protect Yourself

If your powersports vehicle suffers a catastrophic failure and causes you to be injured, you can be taken care of if you have protection. Because this type of insurance takes into account the various activities you may get into with personal vehicles, such as water skiing, these activities can be covered as long as there is reason to believe that all proper safety precautions have been taken.The other area where such coverage protects you is if you cause injury to someone else and get sued. Liability coverage can take care of legal costs, so you don’t end up covering such fees. If you are particularly reckless with your powersports vehicles, there may be other insurance coverage you need to think about, too.Continue to enjoy your powersports vehicle and get some peace of mind with proper coverage. These vehicles can cause serious harm to you and others, and many places won’t even allow you to use such vehicles if you don’t have the proper insurance in place.

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