3 Construction Safety Essentials from Top Insurance Company Tampa

Construction remains one of the most dangerous professions in the country. Whether your work involves road upgrades, home building, general contracting, or any other aspect, the threat of injury or even death in construction is always present.In fact, a worker gets seriously injured every seven seconds, according to 2017 research from the National Safety Council. That’s a staggering statistic. Many of these employees are permanently disfigured and paralyzed. Some even die as result of their injuries.Thankfully, there are ways you can prevent construction accidents. That includes securing comprehensive construction insurance to protect all aspects of the business, including team members. Read on to earn more about how you can make safety a priority at your organization.1) Identify Risks and Resolve Potential HazardsAs a responsible construction leader, you’ve likely already made at least an initial assessment of possible risks surrounding work sites. Still, thorough workplace safety doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, formulating a detailed plan (complete with rules) helps to ensure a consistently smooth operation.So, the first step is to team with co-workers to fashion a far-reaching and in-depth safety program. This initiative should address workplace safety in every aspect and at every level. Make sure to put this plan in writing. You might also choose to have employees physically sign such documentation, or at least officially acknowledge having been briefed on its contents. Many companies hold mandatory training sessions to accomplish this goal.Of course, no plan is perfect, and there will inevitably be bumps in the road toward safety excellence. That’s when you should evaluate performance and adherence to regulation. Perhaps there are aspects of the plan you could tweak or even update outright. It’s okay if this is a working document that changes over time. Just make sure to adequately brief and train team members after every change, no matter how small.Keep in mind that one of the most effective and useful tools in your arsenal is complete construction insurance. This integral safeguard keeps all parties safe, including employees, supervisors/managers, and the company as a whole.2) Create and Maintain a Culture of SafetyNo safety plan is complete without buy-in from all team members. If you discover there are some workers who have trouble understanding set regulations (or flat-out refuse to adhere to rules), that’s an opportunity to have a frank and thorough discussion, and work to answers their questions and alleviate any concerns they may have. Of course, employees who are unwilling or otherwise unable to follow guidelines cannot be permitted to remain involved in planned projects.Some construction managers are reluctant to set too many rules for fear of being perceived as overly demanding or unapproachable. However, when you accompany set standards with valid explanation, most team members are glad to get on board.For instance, high-visibility clothing warns drivers and passersby of work in the area. This directly shields employees from potentially-dangerous situations. Other safeguards (such as eye and hearing protection) ensure the long-term health and well-being of workers. The same is true for requirements to wear hard hats, harnesses, dust masks, and other site-specific safeguards. As employees understand that such regulations are implemented in the best interests of both themselves and organization, they’ll be more receptive to complying with rules and regulations.3) Protect Employees and the CompanyAs mentioned, construction insurance is essential to helping meet the long-term goals of any organization tasked with creating physical property. Rather than a distraction, source of contention, or complicated procedure, this valuable protection is one of the best defenses for your company. In addition, the stellar reputation you build with workers and in the community as a result of securing thorough construction insurance is priceless.The first step is to partner with skilled and qualified insurance agents who have a solid track record for success. Since 1964, we’ve been the go-to resource for a variety of insurance needs. That includes automobile insurance, homeowners, flood, tree care, risk management, and more. Contact Demont Insurance Agency today to learn more about how simple and affordable getting reliable construction insurance can be.

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