Top Florida Insurance Agency Addresses Risk in Your Tree Service Business

You’re well aware of the ever-present danger in the business of cutting and trimming trees. Each day, your employees are at direct risk of serious injury and even death. As a responsible leader of your tree service company, you’ve put in place rigid safety regulations and safeguards. However, there may be one aspect that’s been overlooked.Tree care insurance (sometimes called arborist insurance) falls under the larger umbrella of risk management. Specific to your tree care service, this essential protection helps keep your employees safe while shielding your business from any number of potentially-catastrophic scenarios. That includes property damage and more.Use this advice to defend your tree service business from outside threats, keep team members consistently protected, and build a stellar reputation in the communities you serve.Recognize the RiskEspecially in the case of larger trees (or those trees grouped closely together), the potential for dangerous scenarios is drastically heightened. So, it’s important to always be aware of how things could go wrong. You’re already cognizant of nearby power lines, but other obstacles may not be as easily recognizable at first glance. That includes:
  • vehicles (stationary or moving)
  • outdoor structures (picnic tables, pool/patio enclosures, lawn décor, and more)
  • landscape features and home layout
When possible, such threats should be removed or otherwise secured. For those elements that can’t be altered, it’s essential that team members remain fully aware and attentive throughout the project. In addition, small children and pets should never be permitted to view or wander about work sites.Be sure to prune vulnerable limbs and remove dead or fallen debris prior to ascending tree-trimming equipment. It’s also essential to use proper cables, braces, and other safety equipment and procedures at all times.Foster a Culture of SafetyEvery successful project begins with thorough preparation. As a forward-thinking tree service professional, you likely already keep safety top of mind. Still, there are always ways to improve upon current standards.For instance, workers must be well-versed with any and all equipment they use on the job. Always make sure operating instructions are fully read and understood. Next, inspect the work site and immediate surrounding area for potential threats. Doing so drastically reduces the chance for a careless mistake.As with other skilled tasks, protective clothing is essential for all employees. That includes high-visibility uniforms, hard hats, goggles, leather gloves, and steel-toe work boots. Leather chaps are also helpful to prevent possible injury to the legs.It’s also wise to monitor and be consistently aware of weather conditions. As you know, the weather can change in an instant and severe weather often arrives quickly and without prior knowledge. Ensure employees aren’t putting themselves at risk by working through inclement situations.Protect All PartiesAs mentioned, tree care is a dangerous business where something could go wrong in an instant. When and if that happens, the fallout could be devastating. Employees and citizens could be seriously hurt or killed, property could be irreversible damaged, and your company could face a lawsuit from which it might never recover. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure the safety of everyone involved.When you team with a trusted and reputable insurance agent to secure comprehensive tree care insurance, you get the peace of mind that your company is covered against a variety of outside threats. Plus, just the fact that you have such coverage demonstrates a commitment to safety, integrity, and community building.For more than 55 years, we’ve helped individuals and business owners with a wide variety of insurance needs. In addition to tree care insurance, we also specialize in construction insurance, business and commercial, risk management, and much more. Contact Demont Insurance Agency today to learn more about how straight-forward and cost-effective tree care insurance can be, and how it can help take your business to a new level this year.

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