5 Steps to Take After Getting in a Car Accident From Your Trusted Florida Auto Insurance Company

Accidents happen — they’re a part of life, and the very reason you insure yourself, your family, or your business for total peace of mind. Car accidents, in particular, can be a familiar yet frightening reality of the road. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make a potential car accident a little less stressful — starting with partnering with a trusted Florida auto insurance company, such as Demont Insurance Agency.Once you’re covered, just read on to see a few simple steps you can take after a car accident, should you ever find yourself in one.Safety FirstAfter any accident, your first consideration will naturally be the safety of yourself and your passengers, as well as the other driver or drivers — so if there’s any doubt, call 911 right away. If it’s a more “minor” accident, like a fender-bender, you will still want to get yourself (and your car, if possible) to a safe position away from traffic.Once everyone is safe, you can take the next few steps to address any potential damage with the other driver, your insurance, and the police, in many cases.Document The DetailsA helpful rule of thumb is to document everything about the accident — basically, you want to empower yourself, and your insurance team, with as much information as possible so that any necessary repairs and next steps are easier to handle. A few handy pieces of information about the accident include:
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene
  • The name, age, and phone number of the other driver (and passengers, if applicable)
  • The other car’s year, make, model, and color
  • Where and when the accident took place
  • Details like your own speed, the weather, what happened as you saw it (it can be tricky to remember these specifics later on, so try to jot them down while they are still fresh in your head)
  • The names and information of the responding officers, if applicable
  • The names and information of any witnesses who saw the accident
File An Accident Report With The PoliceBy filing an accident report with the police, you can get some of these specifics on record — which may prove extremely helpful during the insurance claim process! As for whether or not you need to contact the police for a seemingly minor accident, this depends on your location. In Florida, for example, you might not need to call the police if the damage due to the accident was likely less than $500 and no one was hurt (but be sure to check the traffic laws for more specific, timely guidance). Even if your accident was relatively minor by this metric, though, many drivers still find it helpful to work with the police on an accident report for added peace of mind.Call Your Insurance CompanyOnce you are safe, and have documented as much information about the accident as possible, call your auto insurance carrier for specific guidance on next steps and filing a claim.Get Back To Driving As UsualDepending on the accident specifics and your unique coverage, you might spend this time receiving medical care for your injuries, or receiving repairs on your car. With the help of an experienced auto insurance team, you will be back to driving safely in no time at all!We hope that these tips help give you some much-deserved peace of mind on the road. If you aren’t already covered by the leading Florida insurance agency, call Demont today! We look forward to covering you (and those who matter most) from whatever life may bring, with affordable options you can depend on.

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