Steer Clear of These Common Mistakes That Could Accidentally Void Your Homeowners’ Insurance

Just like how everyone’s needs are not the same, not every insurance policy is exactly like others. After finding the perfect coverage to suit your lifestyle, it is just as important to avoid some common mistakes that may accidentally void your policy – even things like working from home! Keep your well-being and your insurance safe by staying away from these common accidents.

Being Away from Home for Too Long

Many insurance companies clarify very specific circumstances that need to occur if you leave the insured home for extended periods of time, such as for vacation or when staying at other homes around the country. These circumstances vary based on insurer but typically, some action needs to be taken if you are gone for longer than 30 days. Ask your insurance provider what you need to do when leaving the home for an extended period of time.

Making Major Home Renovations

Who doesn’t love a home makeover that would make HGTV proud? Sure, some repairs or renovations may make your home look even better, but it could also void your insurance. This is especially true of renovations that increase the value of your home, such as new roofing or alarm systems. Before having any work done, whether DIY or professional, run it by your insurer first.

Work from Home Business

Home-based businesses are not always covered by homeowners’ insurance, even if an incident happens at home. Without additional coverage, your claim could be denied, and your policy could be voided. If you have clients or employees coming to the house, your own expensive equipment, or business inventory in your home, you may require separate coverage. Make sure your insurance will remain valid even if you bring business home.

Misrepresenting Details About Your Property

Something that may seem as minor as an incorrect detail about your home to you can have very severe consequences. Insurance providers take fraud very seriously and a fraudulent description of your property can void its coverage, such as describing a multi-family home as single-family. There’s no such thing as being too thorough or articulate when detailing your home.

Illegal Activity

Perhaps the most obvious of them all, something that happens as a result of criminal activity in your home is likely to void your coverage. The key detail here is that any illegal activity that happens with or without your knowledge will still put your insurance at risk. This includes other people committing illegal activity in your home. If it happens under your roof, your insurance is at risk – even if you didn’t do it.

By avoiding these five common mistakes, your homeowner’s insurance is much more likely to remain preserved for its intended duration. For more information on how to safeguard your home and its insurance policy, contact Demont Insurance Agency! We can make sure that you stay protected against the things that put your policy at risk.

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