The Best Ways to Stay Safe and Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workplace accidents don’t just harm your employees – they can cripple your business, as well. Injuries may lead to higher job absences, which can cause lowered productivity or time spent on staffing instead of other crucial applications. Too many claims can flag safety issues and raise insurance rates with your provider, as well. Simply put, workplace accidents can be devastating across the board. But you can fight back! Take the following three steps to protect your employees and business from harm.Manage the Risk You cannot protect your employees from threats that you aren’t aware of so disaster prevention starts with assessing the risks of your workplace. If you have the staffing for it, either assemble a dedicated safety team to take stock of potential dangers throughout the work environment and establish safety protocols for each – or spearhead the efforts yourself.
  • Create a written safety plan that includes policies for safe conduct as well as reporting incidents.
  • Review the safety plan regularly and make sure it stays up to date as new equipment or processes are introduced.
  • Speak with your insurance provider about risks that are unique to each industry, they will know more about prevention and safety.
Lay the Groundwork for a Culture of SafetySafety is not something that simply happens – it must be worked towards by employees and management alike. We recommend introducing a formal workplace safety program. Not only are they proven to prevent accidents, but they also increase morale, productivity, and employee retention.
  • Everyone on your team must be on the same page regarding the safety control program, including new hires and senior staff. Starting from day one of its implementation, make sure that everyone reviews the policies before working.
  • Regardless of what is outlined in your safety program, make it visible and accessible for your staff. Use posters, notifications, and reminders in meetings to make sure your team remains cognizant.
  • Treat your employees who demonstrate an extraordinary understanding of safe practices to rewards of your choosing! It will maintain an increased morale amongst team members.
Set the Bar Beyond simply incorporating safety programs into your onboarding process, you should also hold regular refresher sessions for your team. Use these opportunities to remind employees that unsafe behavior can lead to severe injury. The onus is on you to provide the knowledge and training for your team to flex their knack for safety.
  • Any time that a worker is introduced to a new piece of equipment or process, conduct thorough safety training for that specific thing.
  • Encourage employees to speak out about safety matters by listening and acting on their concerns.
  • Conduct regular safety reviews and keep training procedures up to date.
  • Consider a plethora of training options, such as classroom training or online learning.
Workplace safety starts with you but it’s easier than it seems. Lead by example and be a role model for your employees or peers by doing the right (and safe) thing every day. This way, workers’ compensation claims will reduce while morale soars. Many states require workers’ compensation so rely on Demont Insurance to provide your business with the best possible coverage. We will assist you with finding the best possible policy and answer any questions about maintaining workplace safety.

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